SphenoCath® for migraine headaches

Dr. Breeden is currently treating patients with migraine headaches using SphenoCath®. In as little as a few minutes, the new SphenoCath® device and procedure for administering a sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block provides most patients with immediate relief of headache pain with a simple, gentle, comfortable in-office procedure.

The revolutionary SphenoCath® device delivers anesthetic through the nasal cavity, effectively delivering an SPG block for migraine pain without the use of needles, cotton swabs, or harsh meds.

What patients are saying

Fatigue2b“I had this procedure done at the end of June with Dr. Breeden and I am very blessed to be able to say that it has worked wonderfully for me. It is very life changing to be able to live another day with no headache or migraines. First couple of days I would wake up thinking oh today I’m gonna get a migraine or headache and the treatment was another fail. You get to thinking like that because of so many things medicines natural remedies and treatments you try and nothing works for you. So thank you very much to Dr. Breeden and his staff Laura for actually caring and being understanding. I am truly blessed. Thank you very much. Always a pleasure to have wonderful and the best by your side like Dr. Merrill and Dr. Stevens and Dr. Breeden. Thank you.”   -Aurora


Kenneth E. Breeden, DOKENNETH E. BREEDEN, DO
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