Tri-City Orthopedics (TCO) is one of the leading Orthopedic Clinics in the Northwest. Since 1967, TCO has provided care to Tri-Cities, Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Benton County, Franklin County, Yakima County, Umatilla County and surrounding regions. From your first appointment through all stages of your treatment, our team works to provide optimum patient care.

Our Physicians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions. We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment, surgical and non-surgical, in all areas of Orthopedics, and use the latest leading-edge techniques and equipment, in order to get our patients back to a full active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

If you have an urgent problem, we can often accommodate same day evaluations based on your insurance company’s referral requirements.


“I just had ankle surgery on the 5th. Great physician, great personality, and wonderful staff!”


“My mom had surgery on her back by Dr. Sahota and is doing great. I went to see him after seeing how nicely he took care of her. He got me better from my neck problem without surgery! Very caring. To the point. Honest. He went over my MRI with me and really explained everything in plain english.”


“I really like the treatment I get. Great patient care, great concern for the patient and great Doctor/Patient treatment. I am made to feel I am getting the best care when I go here. Dr. Stevens is great. The staff is awesome. Thank you Tri-City Orthopedic Clinic for being available for my treatment and Care.”


“The whole staff was friendly, polite, and in a good mood. They all seemed as though they enjoyed where they work and like what they do. This made me feel more comfortable about my surgery.”


“I was worried about going to a new doctor as I was very comfortable with Dr Hazel who is amazing. Dr Sahota is EXCELLENT! He listens, spends the time you need to answer questions, and explains VERY well what needs to be done. I would highly recommend him if you are having back problems.”


“I had this procedure done at the end of June with Dr. Breeden and I am very blessed to be able to say that it has worked wonderfully for me. It is very life changing to be able to live another day with no headache or migraines. So thank you very much to Dr. Breeden and his staff Laura for actually caring and being understanding. I am truly blessed. Thank you very much.”


“Dr. Perry is great. He takes as much time as is needed to explain what the problem is and exactly what procedure he will employ to treat the issue. The staff are professional and very friendly.”


“I had seen another orthopaedic doctor about my hip problems, and he only wanted to try medication. Nothing helped, so I tried Dr. Merrell. He gave me options, explained the options, and we made a decision together. He performed hip replacement surgery on me six years ago. The surgery, recovery, and healing all went very well. I’m very pleased with Dr. Merrell and recommend him highly.”


“I just wanted to take time to tell you how much your amazing staff meant to us. My husband and I were very nervous and our son received outstanding care. We can’t thank you enough for taking such great care of him.”


“Dr. Merrell handles himself in a very profenssional manner. His staff strives to keep his appointments on time. The knee he replaced for me has been a God send. I have had 0 problems since being discharged from therapy. I plan on getting the other knee done in the near future.”