Patient Forms

Patient Forms

Provided below are various patient forms that require completion prior to your visit and/or surgery. Please download the appropriate form(s) as directed by your physician and/or staff member by clicking on the name of the form. If you cannot access the form, please download Adobe reader to access the forms. Please bring the completed form(s) with you to your scheduled visit to help expedite the registration process. 

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Registration Packets

  • Dr. Merrell and Eric Lowe Registration Packet

  • Dr. Perry and Joe Webb Registration Packet

  • Dr. Sahota, Corey Woolf, and Cameron Ritchie Registration Packet

  • Dr. Shoham, Karen Nguyen and Caleb Ledford Registration Packet

  • Dr. Shoham, Karen Nguyen and Caleb Ledford Follow-up Patient Packet

  • Dr. Stevens and Rich Withers Registration Packet

  • Dr. Hansen Registration Packet

  • Dr. Fitzgerald and Julie Israelsen Registration Packet

  • Dr. Vadala Registration Packet

  • Dr. Breeden Registration Packet

Forms & Useful Information

  • Medical Records Release Form

  • Medical Records Access Instructions

  • Revocation for Consent Form

  • TCO Office Policies for Patients

  • Medicines to Avoid Before Surgery

  • MRI Screening Form