Article Written By: Johnathan R. Perry, MD

New Treatment Option May Help Prevent Orthopaedic Surgery

How Does the Body Heal Itself?

Healing from any orthopaedic injury is a complicated process that occurs on the cellular level.  When the body is unable to repair its own tissue and the damage is severe, we often appropriately treat with injections and joint replacement to improve function and reduce pain.

But what if we could harness the power of the body’s own natural healing process to treat damage to cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a non-invasive way?

There is a new treatment option for orthopaedic injury and disease, and it’s less invasive than arthroscopic surgery or joint replacement. And for people suffering from joint arthritis (articular cartilage damage), tendon injuries, and other orthopaedic conditions, it could be a game changer.


OrthoBiologic Therapy

OrthoBiologics is an innovative new approach to treating orthopaedic injury and disease that can promote healing, decrease inflammation, and repair damaged tissues.  Following a routine blood draw or minimally invasive harvesting of your fat, we take the cellular components responsible for your body’s natural healing processes and inject them into the affected area. 

What does this cellular activity do?

  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Release Growth Factors
  • Improve Cellular Regeneration
  • Fight Cell Death
  • Promote Healing of Cartilage, Tendons, and Other Tissues
  • Provide Cushion and Support
orthobiological therapy process

Who is this Therapy For?

Most diseases and injuries can be treated by a variety of methods which depend on the nature of the injury and many patient-related factors.  If you’re suffering from an orthopaedic condition or injury and want to see if orthobiological therapy can help you avoid surgery, or used in combination with surgery to improve results, contact our office and ask about Dr. Perry’s approach to non-surgical regenerative therapies.  


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