Total Hip Replacement Kennewick

Total Hip Replacement in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and surrounding areas has been preformed since the 1970’s by the surgeons at Tri-City Orthopedics.

What is Total Hip Replacement?

Total hip replacement or “THR” is commonly preformed as a result of arthritis with non-operative treatments such as; activity modification, pain medications, inflammation medications or use of a cane or walker have failed to provide relief from arthritis symptoms.

A simple explanation, THR involves surgically removing the arthritic parts of the joint replacing the ball and socket part of the joint with artificial components made from metal alloys and placing high-performance bearing surface between the metal parts. Commonly the bearing surface is made from a very durable polyethylene plastic but other materials including ceramics newer plastics or metals have been used. Patients can typically spend a few days in the hospital after the procedure, 3 to 5 days is most typical. Most patients will walk with a walker or crutches for 3 weeks and then use a cane for another 4 weeks; after that the large majority of patients are able to walk freely.

A number of different implant designs, bearing surface materials and surgical approaches have been used to achieve one end goal, improving the quality of life for patients who suffer with hip arthritis. As with any important life decision it makes good sense to get educated on these issues as they pertain to your hip.

Start with finding a surgeon you trust, has a great reputation and has done many of these procedures. Be careful doing too much “research” as there maybe conflicting, bias or incorrect information floating around that could only confuse. While you are doing research be very critical of the sources.

Create a comprehensive list of questions you have about THR. Think about the entire process, form diagnosis, surgery and recovery.

Traditional total hip replacement performed using well established techniques which we know, are 90-95% likely to provide pain relief and good function for more than 10 years after the surgery.

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