Knee Replacement

Understanding the Knee Joint

When the knee is causing pain or not properly supported, the body’s entire structure is affected—causing hip, ankle, and back pain that is sometimes a red herring for patients and their physicians. Partial or total knee replacement may be considered when knee pain begins compromising your mobility and quality of life and other therapies have not helped.

Samuel Strebel - Tri-City Orthopaedics

Samuel J. Strebel, MD Orthopaedic Surgeon

Samuel J. Strebel, MD, is fellowship trained in Adult Joint Reconstruction (Joint Replacement) from Johns Hopkins. He specializes in the treatment, surgical and nonsurgical, of a variety of orthopaedic conditions and procedures.

  • General Orthopaedics

  • Anterior Approach Hip Replacement

  • Total and Partial Knee Replacement

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • Sports Medicine (Arthroscopy)

  • Adult and Pediatric Fracture Care

Knee Anatomy

Total Knee Replacement

During a total knee replacement surgery, the cartilage and parts of the thigh, shin, and kneecap bones are replaced with artificial components that feel and act like the original structures of the knee. Recovery from a total knee replacement surgery is long and involves physical therapy and many temporary lifestyle modifications.

While an artificial joint is designed to last several years, excess weight or severe impact may shorten its lifespan, requiring you to undergo the procedure again.

Partial Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement is a good alternative to a total knee replacement when arthritis or injury is isolated to a specific portion of the knee. As its name suggests, only part of the knee is replaced during this surgery, which means smaller incisions, faster recovery, and a more natural feel after the knee has healed. This minimally invasive joint replacement surgery carries a very high success rate when performed on the right candidate, though some will develop arthritis in other parts of the joint and may require an eventual total knee replacement.

Are You A Candidate for
Knee Replacement Surgery?
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You might be a candidate for a partial or total knee replacement if you:

  • Are between 50 and 80 years old

  • Are significantly hindered by severe knee pain

  • Have tried other treatments without success

  • Are healthy enough to undergo anesthesia

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