Owen M. Higgs, MD (Retired August 2018) Orthopaedic Surgeon

Owen Higgs - Tri-City Orthopaedics

A Letter From Dr. Higgs - July 30, 2018 Dear providers and patients,

"I have been in the Tri-Cities for 16 years and I have enjoyed every moment.  Unfortunately, Physical problems are forcing me to retire.  I have had a shoulder replacement on the right shoulder which has come loose.  I am facing at least one and possibly more surgeries on this shoulder.   Because of that, I feel it is in my best interest to retire. I want to sincerely thank all physicians and patients for your support over the years.  I have truly enjoyed our association. I will be seeing and evaluating patients until August 30, 2018 which is my retirement date.

I do have total confidence in my partners here at Tri City Orthopaedic Clinic. Dr. Samuel Strebel will be taking over my practice here. He is a good man and a gifted orthopedic surgeon.  He is just completing a total joint fellowship at Johns Hopkins.  He, along with Dr. Hansen, will be great referral sources for arthritic knees and hips.  I likewise have total confidence in Drs. Johnathan Perry and Judd Fitzgerald who are our shoulder specialists.  As some of you may be aware, our hand surgeon recently left us.  We are still very happy to see any hand patients and will refer them to the best provider available, if needed.  My physician’s assistant, Joseph Webb, has had extensive experience with hand problems and would be a good referral source to have these patients evaluated. 

Again, I have greatly enjoyed my time in the Tri-Cities.  In fact, we have sunk deep roots here.  Two of our children still live here.  We are planning on staying here long-term.  It is my great hope that I will have the opportunity to see you on a social basis in the future

With love and respect,

Owen M. Higgs"