Foot Pain Tri-Cities

“Foot Pain Tri-Cities” might be a phrase area residents search for when they are in need of advanced intervention for complex foot and ankle problems, Lourdes active staff physician Faustin Stevens, MD, puts that care within reach.
FAUSTIN R. STEVENS, MD Foot Pain Tri-Cities

FAUSTIN R. STEVENS, MD Foot Pain Tri-Cities

Dr. Stevens, a board-certified. fellowship-trained orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon, grew up in our beloved Tri-Cities. He studied under renowned foot and ankle specialist Michael Coughlin, MD, co-author of Surgery of the Foot and Ankle­ considered around the world to be the standard textbook on the subJect. Several years ago, Dr. Stevens’ own mother needed to have her ankle reconstructed but couldn’t find a local doctor to perform the surgery. She wound up traveling to Boise to see a specialist, and her experience made her son take a second look at his hometown.

Meeting a need

As a fully trained orthopedic surgeon, Dr Stevens understands how the hips, knees and spine affect the well-being of the foot and ankle. His specialty training also allows him to provide expert care for those in need of ankle reconstruction or replacement-surgeries that patients previously needed to travel out of the area to receive. “My mother’s case made it clear there was a need here for the kind of focused intervention I provide.” Dr. Stevens says. “That-and the opportunity to raise my five children close to my family and my wife’s-is what brought me back.” Since he opened his practice in 2012. Dr. Stevens has worked closely with the community he loves. diagnosing and treating orthopedic foot and ankle problems. In his practice, he offers a full range of care. including surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Patients see him for sports injuries, traumatic injuries. arthritis. cartilage damage, deformities such as bunions. and other foot and ankle problems. Dr. Stevens also serves as an on-call orthopedic surgeon for Lourdes Medical Center. He works alongside physician assistant Rich Withers in his practice and partners with other area providers to help with their most challenging cases.


Board Certified & Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon
Tri-Cities – Richland, Kennewick and Pasco Washington